All About Tile Access Panels

A tile access panel is specially designed to provide access to concealed areas where tiles are installed without causing damage to the surrounding structure. They are made with moisture resistant boards in order to suit areas prone to damp such as kitchens and bathrooms. These panels aren’t entirely waterproof but do provide a certain level of protection in these kinds of areas.

At Palco, our Pal08 tile panel has a beaded frame and is made from Zintec steel with a moisture resistant board. This is available non-fire rated with touch catch or with up to 2-hour fire rating with other locks. The moisture board can hold a tile and adhesive weight of up to 32KG per m₂. The panel is available up to 1800mmx600mm and is suitable for walls only. 

We also offer a non-fire rated tile panel as part of our FlipFix range. This panel, unlike the Pal08, has a lift-out door. It ranges in size from 200mm x 200mm up to 600mm x 600mm and a variety of different locks are available.

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