The Applications of Circular Access Panels

A circular access panel allows entry into concealed spaces in the ceiling for service and maintenance purposes. 

They are available in various sizes and are often preferred as they match different aesthetics within a design and they can blend into surrounding structures. 

Commonly found in places such as corridors, circulars fit in with the aesthetics of other ceiling furniture.


Circular panels are often used in commercial or residential buildings where access to services needs to be discreet and there are different types of circular access panels on the market to meet a range of project requirements. Metal panels offer durability and strength and are typically made from steel or aluminium. Plastic panels are a lightweight alternative that are resistant to moisture, making them suitable for areas prone to humidity. There are also plasterboard and fire-resistant panels available.


To accommodate different access requirements, circular access panels come in a variety of sizes and are measured by their diameters. They can be fitted in walls, ceilings or floors depending on the space being accessed and are usually installed during the construction process. It is also possible to retrofit them into existing structures.


The cost of circular access panels can vary depending on multiple factors. These are things such as; size, material, fire rating and installation requirements. It is always advised to have these panels fitted by a professional to ensure that any safety regulations are being met.

At Palco, we offer both non-fire-rated and 3-hour fire-rated metal door circulars as well as a 58-minute fire-rated plasterboard door panel as part of our FlipFix range. These are very easy to install as there is no need for any structural support to be added to the opening taking away the difficulty of doing so for a curved opening. These panels are available in 200mm or 600mm diameter as stock sizes with safety wires fitted to the panels to ensure they don’t drop when opened. 

If a different size is required, we also offer the PAL64 plasterboard door circular and the PAL65 which is a metal door panel. Both of these panels are non-fire rated and are available up to 900mm in diameter. Like the FlipFix panels, these ranges are twist-out openings with no lock and are only suitable for ceilings.

We recommend that all panels are subject to regular maintenance inspections to ensure they are functioning properly, with any necessary repairs carried out promptly.

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