The Differences Between Plasterboard and Metal Faced Access Panels

There are many benefits of opting for metal access panels over other materials.

One of which is that metal panels are highly durable and more resistant to wear and tear as they can withstand heavy use and are less likely to crack or warp over time. Because they are less prone to damage they tend to have a longer lifespan. They can also add structural stability to the area they are installed and often have fire rating making them ideal for locations where fire safety is important. 

Metal access panels can be designed with sturdy locking mechanisms and security features. They are more tamper-resistant compared to panels made of other materials. They can also be customised to meet specific requirements, this includes the ability to add insulation, soundproofing, anti-ligature, and anti-bacterial coating

At Palco, our metal access panels come with a range of lock options and are made from Zintec steel as standard with a coating that prevents rusting. We also offer both Galvanised and Stainless Steel 304 options. We offer up to 2 hour rating along with a range of attributes such as; smoke sealed, acoustic and airtight. Metal panels are also available as part of our FlipFix range.

Plasterboard access panels are widely used for interior wall and ceiling finishes. There are multiple types of plasterboard options available, these include;

Plasterboard panels come with a beaded frame and provide a smooth surface that can be plastered over for optimal discretion on site. They are also available in various designs to suit a range of requirements.

Palco are able to offer up to a 2 hour fire rating on our plasterboard panels, some are also available with smoke seal, acoustic and airtight tests along with multiple lock types. We offer both non fire-rated and 1 hour fire-rating as part of our revolutionary FlipFix range.

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